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Simple program that converts the format of animated GIFs


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Gif to Flash Converter is a small, easy to use program that converts GIF animations into videos or static images in several formats.

You can use it to convert any animation you've seen online into a much more manageable video file that’s easier to play or edit, it can also be useful in capturing a specific image from an animation. The bottom line is that whatever use you want to give it, Gif to Flash Converter will carry out your commands in seconds.

The options available aren’t that many. You can choose the output format (AVI, SWF, or image), as well as the colors used, the image quality, and the frames per second of the animation. Other interesting options are the ability to divide the animation at a specific moment, and re-size it so as to adjust its dimensions to any mobile device, such as a PDA, iPod, or PSP.

Windows 2000, XP, 2003, Windows Vista.


Nag Screen and Watermark.

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